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Quick Thoughts on our Labour Shortage

So where do things stand today? Personally they are not too bad. I am a little manic today – up one minute while down the next. My overall trajectory should be positive shouldn’t it, provided I show up to work every day and keep trying to create and move forward? That is probably an apt description of the markets too. They seem to be a little up and a little down. They are just a reflection of optimism (or lack thereof) amongst investors, right? This is very oversimplified and probably a function of where I am at in life: 45…

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A random internal dialogue on the markets

I will be the first to tell you that I am no expert. I will also be the first to tell you I have no idea what is happening in the markets these days. I am a somewhat cautious person and so I am continuing to wait for the market to fall. But the fall never comes. I don’t get it. This latest jump today (Monday, July 13, 2020) comes despite coronavirus infections in the United States reaching a daily record high of close to 60,000 cases. Yikes! But one wakes up today and the markets are up almost 2%….


Requiem for a Once-upon-a-time Industry Giant

I found this while I was cleaning up my office today. I was going to throw it out but thought it deserved more contemplation than that. I look at this rewards book (I probably have another 5 somewhere) and I just remember being in this store so often that you never possibly think that they’d ever be out of business. But only a couple of years later and there you are, not even noticing that something you thought would always be there is now gone. Don’t let that happen to your business whether it is digital disruption or what have…

So it seems Google isn’t finding this global search dominance thing so easy with reports surfacing this week that Indian anti-trust regulators are looking into claims Google rigged its search results in that country. “We’re currently reviewing this report from the CCI’s (Competition Committee of India) ongoing investigation,” a Google spokesman said in a statement. “We continue to work closely with the CCI and remain confident that we comply fully with India’s competition laws.” These accusations, while certainly not new to Google, are exactly what they need to avoid if they want to continue their internet search dominance. If users…