Requiem for a Once-upon-a-time Industry Giant


I found this while I was cleaning up my office today. I was going to throw it out but thought it deserved more contemplation than that. I look at this rewards book (I probably have another 5 somewhere) and I just remember being in this store so often that you never possibly think that they’d ever be out of business. But only a couple of years later and there you are, not even noticing that something you thought would always be there is now gone. Don’t let that happen to your business whether it is digital disruption or what have you.

I will leave this post with a couple more thoughts:

15% – that is the number I heard today on the Motley Fool podcast (titled “Retail’s Rough Ride“) which they attached to the average growth rate for online for the average retail business. Average overall growth was just 2-3%.

As well, my brother – who works in retail – was talking to a buyer the other day who happened to be a millenial. She said she buys nothing in stores anymore.

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